Amazing Pet Expos - Quick Facts

  • Amazing Pet Expos has produced over 100 large scale pet expos since 2009 in over 25 US cities
  • Amazing Pet Expos produced 33 large scale pet events in 2014 alone!
  • Over 20,000 adoptable pets have found a forever home through an Amazing Pet Expo
  • Shorty Rossi, star of Animal Planet's 'Pit Boss' has been Amazing Pet Expo's national spokesperson since 2010
  • Over 4,000 business and rescues have exhibited at an Amazing Pet Expo
  • An average of 13,460 people and 2,820 pets attend one of our pet expos on a Saturday (10am to 6pm).
  • In 2013, more than 4,900 exhibitors participated in our events.  
  • Approximately 21% of those who attend an APE bring at least one pet to the event.
  • To date (11-21-2014), approximately nearly ONE MILLION people and their pets have attended an APE, 15,510 exhibitors have participated in an APE and more that 23,500* pets have found their new forever homes at an APE. In 2013, 300,000 people attended our events.
  • This figure only includes on-site adoptions and doesn’t include adoptions via rescues that require an application process with reference checks and home visits. This figure also doesn’t include volunteers, foster families or fundraising benefits from a non-profit’s participation.
  • APE has a strong Facebook presence with 300,000+ combined fans on our pages and we’re also active on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, tumblr, imgur, reddit and Vine.
  • APE has been endorsed by a number of organizations and most recently was endorsed by the National Geographic Society for being an "exceptional pet event."
  • 73% of the pets who attend any given expo are dogs; other pets who attend include cats, snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas, macaws, pigs, prairie dogs, parrots, cockatiels, sloths, guinea pigs, rats, goats, ponies, llamas, tortoises, rabbits, geese and more.

Facts about Amazing Pet Expos (APE)

Our current slogan: Shop * Learn * Play * Adopt

APE’s mission has always been - and will continue to be - to educate pet lovers, promote pet adoption, let animal lovers know how they can make a difference and expose pet owners to the many valuable resources available to them in their own community. From learning about low-cost spay neuter options to adopting a pet to purchasing a $300 artisan pet bed, APE offers a comprehensive and interactive experience for pet lovers.

Established in 2008, originally as a fundraiser for St. Louis Boxer Rescue, the event became so large that it had to be moved to the St. Charles Convention Center and became the "St. Louis Pet Expo," (2009) an entirely different event than what was originally planned.

As the largest pet expo producer in the country, to date (9-2-2014), APE has produced 96 consecutive pet expos across the nation, from Anchorage to Miami and from Boston to San Francisco. Billed as the "ultimate pet party," these events have set the new standard for quality pet expos while introducing pet lovers to all of the pet resources that their local - and national - community has to offer. 

Company Growth:
2009: one APE
2010: seven APEs
2011: 11 APEs
2012: 17 APEs
2013: 26 APEs
2014: 33 APEs

The average one-day APE has an average of 135 exhibitors, live entertainment, education and demonstrations, a mega-adoption area with more than 250 rescue pets available for adoption, low-cost immunizations, discounted microchipping, free nail trims for all the furry friends who need them and more. 

Each pet expo is indoors, free to the public (with the exception of our NYC event) and all well-behaved pets are welcome with proof of age-appropriate immunizations (as applicable; i.e. birds won’t need to show proof of immunizations). 

Approximately 75% of the exhibitors in an APE are locally-based ("exhibitor" refers to both for-profits and non-profits).

Each APE is promoted using a variety of traditional and non-traditional avenues: radio, television, direct mail pieces, handbills available at exhibitor businesses, flyers and print ads in local and national publications, as well as via street teams, community partnerships with other cause-based events (including those for the LBGT community, the arts and sustainable living), social media (we have 300,000 fans between all of our individual APE event Facebook pages), Twitter, tumblr, reddit, LinkedIn and Google+. We have an extremely large database of local and national event calendars that are updated weekly and call on a multitude of online bloggers. Lastly, we distribute press releases both nationally and locally leading up to a specific event and often have up to seven media segments in a given market as a result. This year, after being featured on Bloomberg and for 17 minutes on "Good Day New York" to promote our NY Pet Expo, we began being contacted to appear on each "Good Day" affiliate in our show markets. We’ve strengthened our partnerships with national pet magazine and currently have substantial coverage in "Animal Wellness (which includes a monthly blog post that we write)," "Modern Dog," "Modern Cat," "American Dog," and "The Bark." 

Up until now, aside from general animal welfare issues of importance, the major company platform for awareness has been opposing Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Often referred to as breed discrimination, BSL refers to laws that target dogs based on how they look rather than their actions. More than 700 US cities and 36 other countries have adopted breed-specific laws since the mid-80s. Currently, BSL most often focuses on Pitbull-types, but many cities also target Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, Chows and other large breeds, including dogs that are often described as Pitbull-mixes, when in fact, they have no Pitbull genes at all. In fact, of the 290 military bases located in the US, none allow any of the breeds listed above to reside on base with their families. Additional platforms are being added in 2015 (see below).

"Pit Boss" Shorty Rossi and his canine sidekick, Hercules, have been the company’s national spokesperson (and spokes-pooch) since 2011 and have already committed to APE through 2015. When Rossi isn’t managing Shortywood Productions, a company that works with little people in the entertainment industry or filming "Pit Boss" or Animal Planet’s newest show, "Americas’s Cutest Pet" with Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, he’s working with Shorty’s Pitbull Rescue, a charity he formed that rescues, rehabilitates and places neglected and abused Pitbulls in loving, nurturing homes.
Over 50 live media segments and features since 2013.  Combination of local, regional and national media exposure.